Monday, November 18, 2013

Group Workouts are Fun And Friendly and Sometimes Effective

I find that a group workout can be good and bad for me personally. I enjoyed the first ever session I attended here in Vegas, where you get to see that everyone in the room is going through a similar thought process, but there are as many results as people at the end. That means that because it's acting, there are a million interpretations of each script. I know this from other performance arts, and visual art, which I've spent considerable time in. 

What's difficult for me about a group work out is that so much of what I'm understanding voice over is has started with me being very still. Groups make me want to be the exact opposite. So much of what I've seen others and myself do on the mic for voice over (of many styles) is about being internal and small and powerful on the mic, the exact opposite of what a group makes me want to do. A group makes me want to interact, be loud, show off, mingle, make friends, and then suddenly I'm multi-tasking and trying to concentrate on the script-at-hand because I think I'm two away from booth time.

I don't need work as a public speaker, well we all do, but I've found success at it in past.What I find particularly stressful is that the secret goobers and goblins and tudes and times that I'm calling on in my head to make a good voice over moment on the mic, do not belong in a group setting. I wouldn't want any of that to leak out. I imagine it's a bit like steering a boat and trying to focus on your destination, rather than any weather, conditions, and hardships you experience along the way. Ahoy matey, group and privates balance is the thing for me, so I will not a hermit be.

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