Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year to All

Well I'm happy that even though I was busy all throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas, I still managed to do several auditions a week. I'm looking forward to this week when everyone is really returning to their studios and getting back to production demands. My months have been rearranging demos, writing and recording new ones, and focusing on both IVR and phone work, as well as seeking an agent for kid voice acting roles. 

The fact that I'm looking into the lower rung of work and a higher niche specialty doesn't bother me at all. I am no longer going to follow the "guide-books" to success in voice over. Though basics may apply, like most of show biz I believe a lot of finding your place or voice if you will, is doing. I am focusing on continuing doing. I'm smoothing my regular "conversational" and "informational" voice as much I can, regularizing my corporate dry and more monotone delivery, and branching out into using my throat more in kids scripts and noises.

I've taken a special interest in getting work with children's learning apps. There seems to be a lot of new apps for learning on kids tablets happening right now. I'd love to grow with a few of those in either singing or fun instructional delivery of scripts. "Great job" and stuff like that is some of the scripts I've seen. If anyone knows a good agent suitable for those types of roles, feel free to clue me in. I'll trade you... something?

I'm happy that right now I am in a quiet space, with no computer issues or hissing, am using Sony Music 9 or Audacity for editing, and can do some pretty fast turn-around times. The output I've got is something like this - [edit] - Blogger is having issues uploading video, and doesn't have a sound upload yet, so if you want to hear my current mic configuration with the little engine that could "Behringer" preamp visit the below link. Let's prosper.

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